Contineum is the solo project of Matt Kyriakides, also the founder of Mutagen Records.

His psychedelic journey began when he co-organised underground psy trance events in London, which led to him forming the now established UK based record label Mutagen Records. The Mutagen Records roster includes artists such as Mechanimal, Breathead, Golden Ratio, Advanc3d, Altus, N-Kore and Makar.

Soon after starting the label, he was influenced by all of the music around him and he started producing his own music. His first release was a track called Cascade, a collaboration with Sinerider which was released on 24/7 Records that hit the charts by storm. This was followed soon after with releases on Catalyst Records amongst others. He has now released more then 50 tracks on record labels such as 24/7, Grasshopper, Catalyst, Mutagen, Maharetta, Joof, Antu, Expo, Blacklite, Aphid and many more.

After years of experimentation, Matt’s fresh and unique sonic outlook on psychedelic trance can be described as deep basslines buried beneath atmospheric and hypnotic soundscapes with a fusion of futuristic sound design and driving technical beats. His music has a powerful lucidity that resonates with hyper-charged dancefloors.

Matt’s unrelenting passion and his fearsome energy have found an affinity within this new sound that is at the cutting edge of psychedelic music. This new musical direction opens up the doorway for him to beautifully express the raw energy that is packed into his personality, bringing to life the intense energies that permeate his existence.

Matt has been rocking dance floors as a DJ for over 10 years and is also signed to the UK based legendary record label Trick Music amongst other artists such as Scorb, Deviant Species, Antispin and Squid Inc.

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