2013 DosMilTrance

2013 DosMilTrance

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During the year 2013 in our planet have converged a series of events that are going to be a point of inflexion in our cultural evolution as human specie.

The big crisis or the achieving of 400 parts per million of the CO2 in our atmosphere because our excessive consumerism are only two of the many factors wich will set the beggining of a new era or cicle as some ancestral cultures predicted. The new path of the humanity needs to leave the materialism of our occidental civilitation to reach the spirituality and armony with nature. The ceremonies of psychedelic trance where people from all over the world dance to the music of some of the artists in this compilation are one proof that the change has started.

Carefully selected by the spanish duo Ying Yang Monks, DosmilTrance helps you be part of the change with 9 earcandy psychedelics from – Hypnoise, Space Vision, Labirinto, Spectra Sonics, M-Theory, Mental Broadcast, Psycho Abstract, Multiman and Ying Yang Monks.

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