Kimik Yiu otherwise known as Yuri Merenda was born In Pisa in 1989,
and began his long journey Into electronic music with his love for Minimal Techno, this was where he originally honed his beatmatching skills on Vinyl.

Inevitably this led him to discover many other forms of electronic music, and of course, the world of Djing. Like many, after much research and different musical ventures, he finally found Psychedelic Trance. never looking back and taking with him Inspiration from previous musical experiences. This diverse background then paved the way for his life and career as a Dj.
It’s Infectious groove, and undeniably addictive sound mesmerized Yuri, something he felt, had always been missing from other genre’s.

Shortly after his discovery, Immediatly began organizing several small parties around the area Turin, and In 2012 met Ale Nukleall, label manager at Blacklite Records, where he stayed for 3 years.
A major turning point for Yuri’s career, This then gave him the opportunity to play at many  International festivals and many countries.

In 2015 he was picked up by Maharetta Records, a label founded In spain Co-run by Zac Lee and Juan Fontorira Moyer, where he continues to push and develop himself as an artist within their roster.

In the same moment he becomes part of Illusion (psytechno and dark prog party) where he works as an organizer and DJ. In this project Kimik Yiu musically ranges from techno to progressive.