In 2003, DJ Apnea,
made his first appearance in the legendary Belgian underground club «The Zoo».

Previously Apnea was signed to record labels as Kairoo & Naturall Productions, now he’s rocking with Maharetta, Magic Phangan and Funky Freak Records.
These labels, with back up from well respected artists in the scene, made it possible for Apnea to fully express himself in his preferred style of psychedelic trance; groovy, crispy psychedelic, filled with mind teasing twists and a pinch of hypnotism to bring out the trance state of the mind.
His travels landed him on the magical island of Koh Phangan where he played at many parties, became a resident of the home of the happy people, Ban Sabaii and is part of the Experience New Year festival on Koh Tao.
Apnea’s DJ career has lead him to play at many parties and Festivals around Belgium, France, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Malta, Germany,
Austria, Nepal, Indonesia,Thailand…

Besides the love for music Apnea has also a graphic/photography project called Digital Thangka.
He designed CD cover art for Naturall Productions, SPUN records, Magic Phangan and promo for Vuuv festival, The Experience Festival…