Ying Yang Monks – Alice



Alice symbolize two inseparable concepts, a born of a being and the pass from the inner body to a new children fantasy, a reality that all human beings enjoy in their first stages of their lives.

The Ep starts with «Alice» in a try to materialize in sounds this first childhood stages, creating an innocent psychedelia that drives us to a more strong bassy stage full with acid frequencies and playable rhythmics.

Right away comes «Divine Imagination» …. here again the acid sounds are the main characters of the track making touchable the Ying Yang Monks style and creating a continuous game of synthetic questions and answers all together with the imposing voice of Alex Grey.

As all the EP is like a child growing, the last track «Reflections» is the most mature one, characterized by a strong rhythm and bass line… full filled with acid sounds and psychedelic melodies to drive you to another state of mind.

Track List:

1.Alice 09:20
2.Devine Imagination 07:56
3.Reflections 07:00

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