Spain based producer and Dj, Pablo Sancho Aka OVERLOAD, was born in Ibiza in 1986.

He started his music journey in 2002 at local parties , well known around the scene for his twisted psychedelic Dj sets.

After finally getting his own equipment, he released one of his first tracks ’Speaking Italian’ on Neurobiotic Records, 2015.

Around 2016 he joined Maharetta records and released ‘Inside a Simulation’ Ep.

In 2018 his 3r Ep ‘Funk Pollo’ comes out under the same label.

In between those years he worked in some collaborations and remixes released in different record labels like: ‘One Foot Records’ , ‘Believe Lab’ and ‘Zero1 Music’ .

In 2019 he was invited to join Zero 1 Music roster, after that he released his 4th Ep ‘Karnal Connection’.

The same year the single: ’SPB’ in collaboration with Samadhi was released under Sacred Technology Records.

He has worked with different international artist such as: Earthling , Animalien, Samadhi , Juanmad , Bobblehead and played in different festivals and parties as:

Snesthesia , Club Charlotte 2017 (Münster , Germany) Chill out planet Festival 2016 (Russia)
Tribe of Frog , Maharetta Showcase 2017 (Bristol UK) The Experience Festival 2017/2018 (Thailand) Origins gathering 2018 (Goa)

Taurus connection 2018 (Italy)
Chill out planet Festival 2018 (Russia) Xuculem festival 2018 (Mexico)
Malinalien 2018 (Mexico)
Cosmic convergence 2018/2019 (Guatemala) Egodrop Overloaded 2019 (Poland)
7 Chakras Festival 2019 (Italy)
Time and Space Festival 2019 (Osaka)
The Experience festival 2019/20 (Thailand) Manadna Festival 2020 (Spain)

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