Originally from Poland, Grzegorz Augustyn known as Tetrasound, began his dj adventure in 1999. Following an accident at the local skate-park, he bought his first pair of Reloop turntables and a mixer with the insurance money.
  Under the name 'Aparat' he became the youngest vinyl enthusiast in his area, and began playing to huge crowds of hungry techno freaks. 
Back then he played and promoted only techno music In Poland on a weekly basis, But by the age of 21 decided to sell his entire vinyl collection, together with the decks and mixer to concentrate on production. His Roland 505 quickly became his best friend.
  Unfortunately that didn't work out as planned, So In 2005 Grzegorz moved to the UK and after discovering the tribe of frog parties in Bristol, quickly realised that psychedelic trance music was the new direction he had been looking for. Captured by it's unique sound and energy, his Tetrasound project was born.
Following his recent musical revelation, he proceeded to practise non stop, and as a result of his hard work and patience, his name is now currently well established throughout both the Uk and the Polish psytrance scene where he's performed at some of the biggest and most respected club nights and festivals around. Well known for his excellent track selection and unique brand of mixing technique, coined 'Cycling mixing' has helped Grzegorz develop himself as an outstanding DJ.
Grzegorz continues to broaden his horizons with an exciting new Chill/electronic project. Matured Structure is to reflect the acoustic & live Instrumentalist part of his soul. Brought up on Polish hip hop and Jazz continues to be a huge Impact on his musical direction, and is the main focus an drive behind the new project.
Alongside Gigging, Grzegorz loves to share his skills with up and coming Dj's, and runs classes from his home studio.
2016 sees him join with Maharetta Records, where he looks to the future and continues to push himself & the label as one.



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