Founder of Paradigm Productions and FAZE 2 Audio in Denver, Colorado, Alexander has been involved in one way or another with Psychedelic music since his first open air, full moon gathering back in the late’90s. Inspired by USA crews and members within, such as Moontribe, Green Sector and Psytribe, all out of Southern California, he began shifting his musical focus from a more “commercial” sound toward a few different styles within the Psychedelic and Goa niche, hopeful of connection with local likeminded individuals.

He has built multi-faceted recognition into his production and audio company names, not only by crafting open-air gatherings, but also consulting for other promotion teams as well as assembling a world-class Turbosound Aspect audio system and experimenting with nightclub promo and ownership.

Playing festivals and gatherings around the US, Alexander’s sound has been influenced by many international artists on several labels, ranging from 138 Progressive, late afternoon BPM to the 145 BPM full power Psychedelic locomotion that drives an early morning or mid-day crowd. Recent years have found him traveling overseas to experience what large festivals such as Boom and Ozora bring, only adding to the enthusiasm that has commanded his Psychedelic attention to date.

An experienced audio navigator with over 15 years at the helm spanning several genres of dance and Psychedelic dance music, Alexander can craft a set for any groove of a party or festival, creating atmospheres of cosmic unity and inspiring high-energy dancefloors.



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