It all started at an early age - recording mix tapes for his friends to share his taste and vision of music. As a logical re...sult of his deep passion for electronic music, he learned all about the mysteries of Djing and even ran a record Store called ‘Sonic Implant’ for some years.

Through time, he became a solid point of reference around Germany, and was booked to play his Sets at Fusion Festival, Antaris, Vuuv, Freqs of Nature - including important resident spots at Hai in den Mai and Wonderland Festival (Waldfrieden) from 2007 to present.

But he didn’t stop there! His reputation brought him requests from all around the globe, so he got to play at festivals like Universo Parallelo (Brasil), Experience Festival / Moon Mountain (Thailand), Grasshopper / Overdrive / Wingmakers Parties (Japan), and Parties in Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic…

For sure, a peak in his DJ-career, was the release of his highly acclaimed compilation ’13’ on Blue Hour Sounds in 2013, where he had the possibility to express his vision of Psychedelic Trance and to promote the music he loves to play in his DJ-sets.
Watch out for his 2nd and soon upcoming Compilation for Maharetta Records.

Talking of style - Raoul’s is definitely best describable as ‘straight forward and friendly - with a hint of long forgotten elements of Goatrance’.
Apart from pure psytrance Sets he now also rocks dancefloors with his more deep and more darker progressive Sets.

Right now, he is kicking it off with a successful series of parties named ‘Synæsthesia’ happening in Germany - where he is responsible for the lineup and booking. He is part of the Maharetta Records and Blue Hour Sounds family.


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