Sandesh aka PSYMBIOSIS has been involved in the music world since more then 3 decades.

In the 90s he was playing and sharing his tunes and vibe in events wihitin the Osho Commune international in Pune as well as in beaches and parties in Goa, at that time mixing on DAT tapes and Minidisks.

From pop music until the latest innovative psy trance passing through all the possible ranges and styles, he has explored them all!!

After a gap in the early 2000’s exploring different realms of his creative expressions, he has been deeply involved in the music scene in Asia, sharing his passion in Beaches and Jungles Parties as well as Clubs and International Festivals.

He is constantly pushing the limits of what is playable creating “journeys” full of surprises. His various and versatile style can fit any crowd at any hour at any kind of event!

He plays music in a very versatile and various ways such that he can fit any crowd at any hour at any kind of event! He is present in the International Psy Trance  scene worldwide sharing his passion and his vibrant energy.

When asked he uses to say of himself: “If you know me I need no introduction…. If you don’t know me you can ask to those who do know me!!! … Sharing Love & Passion through music at 360°»