Fernando Santos, aka Digital-X, is a Journalist with a Post graduate degree in Marketing at Faculdade da Cidade, Rio de Janeiro. In 1998, during one of his trips as a professional bodyboarder through Europe, he had his first contact with PsyTrance. Fernando started his career as a trance DJ in 2003, being a resident member of Rioparade, E Quality, was a part of Harmonia Records (Greece), and Etnicanet Records (Ibiza). During the epic Ipanema New year’s eve concert (2006-07) Fernando took the stage right after Infected Mushroom, in the Guaraná Antarctica Stereo Praia de Ipanema for an estimated crowd of over one million. During the E-Music festival in Rio 2005, he played versus with Dimitri Nakov and Astrix, and back to back presentation with Stas (Vibe Tribe) and had a show on Psite webradio between 2006 and 2007, also collaborationg with news stories, reviews and CD releases.

IN 2016, launched his first compilation, called Essencia (Essence) through Profound Records. He did in 2018 his second compilation Essencia-volume2, and had one of his sets played by RadiOzora. As Digital X, Fernando has been expanding his work ever more, presenting powerful sets, full of melodies and strong basslines, as well as a good dose of psychedelics, haveing played in various clubs, Open airs and festivals throughout Brazil.

Played a key role in organizing the Rio Music Conference 2017 festival, bringing, for the first time, the Psytrance Scene to a global electronic music conference. He also participated as a curator, elaborating panels and workshops, and participating as a mediator on these. In 2018 he again was responsible in Brazil Music Conference for the curation and elaboration of psytrance panels. fernando was label manager of profound records but he is now part of Maharetta Records: UK and Spainish based purveyors of high quality Psychedelic trance also in the select casting of the Evo bookings.