Clayton is a Psychedelic Trance DJ based in Brighton UK whose style is Full on Morning and uplifting Progressive Trance. He always keeps the dance-floor moving with energetic galloping groovy beats, hypnotic flowing sounds, coupled with an interactive full power performance from behind the decks that flows full of energy into to the crowd dancing before him.

He started DJing Psychedelic Trance on vinyl in 1999 after a crazy season in Goa. Influenced from his father’s love of Psychedelic rock from a young age and living in London, he was in a great place to experience the Electronic music scene that opened up in the 90’s, the beat’s grabbed him and swept him away into a world of wonder and magic.

Dj-ing seemed a natural progression and he journeyed through different variations of Trance and Acid Techno until 2007 when he fell back in love with the Psychedelic Trance scene, thus buying CDJ’s, having realised that all the best psychedelic sounds were now not readily available on Vinyl anymore, and moved into the digital world.

After moving to Brighton in 2004, he joined the crew at Freak Bazaar in 2007, quickly becoming their first resident DJ, promoting for 12 years with the freaks alongside Psy Sundays the legendary free party experience in Brighton. He is now a full member of the ever growing and internationally recognised “Twisted Frequencies” Collective, where he is resident DJ as well as promotions manager.

Over the many years he has had the pleasure to play at Psychedelic parties and festivals in the UK, across Europe as well as Goa again 14 years later. He has shared the stage with all of the biggest artists in the magical Psychedelic scene and seems to be at home when performing his style of Psychedelic sounds to the crowd.

Clayton is currently Co-Promoter and resident DJ at Brighton’s Psychedelic parties, Twisted Frequencies, Freak Bazaar, Psychedelic Sundays and Fundamental Freqs. He was happily signed up by Juan (Hypnoise) to the Massive Spanish Psy Trance label “Maharetta Records” in December 2014, and is looking ahead to a full on 2020.